Master Field Map

We created this map to help you find the best places to play.  All these fields are considered “renegade” fields(with the exception of the Provo Pick Up Field and Desert Edge’s fields), meaning, you’ll need to bring all your own gear, air, and paintballs.  There are no refs or anyone managing these fields, nor are there chronographs to make sure everyone is shooting under 300 fps. 

The red caution areas are fields that used to be available to paintball on, but have since been closed down by their respective cities.  These were closed down because of complaints from the surrounding community about paintballers.  We ask that wherever you play you are respectful of others and always friendly.  We hope to keep the paintball community playing in as many places as we can.

282 N. University Ave. Provo, UT 84061   801.709.1624

Looking for a place to play?  Go check out our Master Field Map.